Great sex

Every woman lubricates differently—there's no "normal" amount of wetness—and most women should be able to tell when they're good to go. About a third of young women say they experience vaginal dryness, according to researchers at Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion. "I've noticed this big trend of younger women who are dry down there," says clinical sexologist Patti Britton, Ph.D. Many of her patients rush through foreplay and aren't fully aroused before they dive right into the main event. Bad move: Getting busy without enough slippage can leave you with soreness or possibly a yeast infection. If your bedmate speeds straight to the big bang, ask him for more teasing. Better yet, playfully institute a "me first" policy, says Britton: "Once your partner gives you your first orgasm with his hand, mouth, or a toy, you'll likely have enough lubrication to make round two more comfortable." 


  1. How come that picture was blocked on Google+ ???

    1. You've got a bunch of sex industry brainwashed idiots believing that nipples and genitals can only be sold/shown for money. In that way, in stead of censoring the 'bad' stuff, they feed right into the hand of the practices they want to censor. I also wouldn't be surprised that Google+ is afraid of losing revenue from the same industry.
      They should base companies like Google+ in countries with more liberal ideas and place the responsibility in the hands of the adult users. There was a comment on the post stating that we signed up for these posts. If we don't want to see it, we won't look.
      Google+ and other sites like it look like state nannies. Ridiculous.

  2. Better covered than completely naked!