Female Ejaculation

 Here Are The Facts About Female Ejaculation
  • It happens to some women, not all. 
  • It sometimes happens with orgasm, sometimes without. 
  • It is usually only a small amount, about a teaspoon full. It can be so little that you don't even notice it or so much that it is embarrassing. 
  • It comes from small glands next to the urethra where the urine comes out, not the vagina and is therefore often confused with urine. 
  • These glands were previously known as the Skene's glands, but are now officially called the female prostate glands. 
  • It looks like watered-down milk, not urine. 
  • It contains glucose and PSA – substances that are not found in urine. 
  • Some women do pass a small amount of urine during orgasm due to muscle contractions, but this is not ejaculation. 
  • It can sometimes be induced by 'milking' the G-spot in the same way a man's prostate can be milked to produce ejaculate without orgasm. 
  • It is completely normal and natural and nothing to be embarrassed about.
by Dr Elna Rudolph